10 Industrial Uses for Coke


Coca cola is a well renowned brand in the world and one of well-known brands among the people. It is an irony that in many places it is easier to get a coke than clean water to drink.

Coke portrays itself as an environmentally and socially conscious company, but the reality is different. The company is connected with water shortages as well as pollution.

The acidic nature of the product has led to questions in mind of consumers. It has led to a confusion as to the effect of the product on consumer’s health, as the pH rating of the product is just one point higher than that of battery acid.

It has been found in a latest study that the people who consume at least one soda daily have a 44% higher risk of suffering from metabolic syndrome.

People who consume soda daily also have other risks such as:

  • A risk of more than 30% of developing a larger waistline
  • A risk of becoming obese
  • A higher than 25% risk of the development of risk of stroke or heart attack

10 Uses of Coke at Home

Coke is not good for human body, but its acidity makes it a good cleaning agent. A pH from 0 to 7 is termed as acidic. Battery acid has pH of 1 and pure water has 7. According to the tests, coke has pH level of 2.5. Coke can clean surfaces better than many other toxic and expensive cleaning agents.

Given below are 10 uses of coke as a cleaning agent, which firmly prove that it is not fit for human consumption

1. It helps in rust removal. You just need to use a fabric dipped in coke to clean.
2. It removes blood stains from fabrics.

3. It can also clean the oil stains from the floors.
4. It can even clean the burnt pans.

5. Using coke you can clean your engine too.
6. Soak your old pennies in coke and they will be clean and shine.

7. You can use coke to remove the vitreous china stains too.
8. You may be surprised, but coke can clean your toilet too. Just pour it around the bowl, and flush to get clean toilet.
9. Aluminum foil with coke can offer shine to the Chrome.

10. You can also strip the paint from the metal surface using coke.

Coca-cola can clean many surfaces and the best use of it is not consuming it.