Immediately STOP drink this ”Healthy drink” -destroys your thyroid, like no other!


All of you who use soy need to know that it is mostly genetically modified. In addition, many people use soy milk and are not even aware that it may be harmful.

One of the biggest fraud of modern times is the news that soy milk is good for health. Despite the fact that soy used in the diet in many cases is genetically modified, this product is added additives and certain toxic chemicals that have been shown to have a connection with causing birth defects, diseases of the reproductive organs and cancer.

If Genetically Modified Soya, not at all good for you because these GMO products cause cancer. And if in this situation you can not argue that the soybean is not GMO?

Some produce with soy, namely soy milk, can cause these adverse effects. It contains hemagglutinin, which leads to excessive blood clotting, ie. an accumulation of blood cells. It also contains phytoestrogens that interfere with the functioning organism and is associated with breast cancer and infertility. Because of certain ingredients, even eating 2 cups of soy milk a day can disrupt the menstrual cycle. Soy contains isoflavones toxic, genistein, daidzein, which support the growth of cancer. It is linked to the emergence of Alzheimer.


Acid bird

Inhibitors of enzymes in the digestive process


Genetically modified soybean species

Herbicides and Pesticides applied in its production
Bird toxic acid in soy ingredient is in the form of questions. It is present in the skin of all seeds and legumes, but not in such quantity as in soybeans in a different shape.

Soy ask is highly resistant to reduction techniques such as prolonged moderate digestion, which is allowed in other legumes.

Soybean seeds contain potent inhibitors of certain enzymes such as trypsin, which is necessary for protein digestion.

Normal digestion does not deactivate these “antinutrients” that can cause serious stomach disorders, reducing the degradation of proteins and thus putting the body in a chronic shortage of amino acids.

Haemagglutinin ingredient is a soybean seed that promotes blood production of a substance which hugs blood cells, which prevents proper absorption of oxygen and its distribution through the cells in the body.

Genistein promotes as an inhibitor of tyrosine kinase, an enzyme important in the use of essential amino acids in the brain, whose action is particularly important for the function of the thyroid hormone.

Because thyroid function is important for brain development in children at an early age, especially in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, excessive consumption of soy and its products during pregnancy can damage the developing brain and disruption of reproductive authorities.

GMO soy is one of the secret ingredients that is so cleverly infiltrated into the food system. Even many “healthy foods” contain GMO soybeans. So, if you consume protein drinks and healthy energy bars to keep you in shape, are putting themselves at risk of GMO soybeans.

The extract of soy protein can be found in protein bars, shakes, bottled fruit drinks, soups and sauces, soy meat, pastries, cereals and dietary supplements. There are also soy milk, tofu, and many others.