Tooth Pain Disappears Right Away: This Is The Best Natural Remedy For Toothache


Toothache can be very unpleasant and painful. Those who are afraid of the dentist will postpone going to him, suffering pain, and taking painkillers. Most often occurs at night, because during sleep the body is in a state of rest and more blood is coming to the pain area, increasing the pressure on the nerves. Until you go to the dentist, if necessary, try the best natural remedy against toothache, which is regularly used in India – a clover.

It is the most famous natural cure for painful teeth that has the power to nourish the nerve.
It acts antibacterial and antispasmodic, meaning it also alleviates cramps.
In addition, it contains a natural anesthetic eugenol, which positively affects the canals and cavities in the tooth and disinfects the oral cavity. Except for toothache, is useful for asthma, cough, skin diseases, headache, and digestive system problems.

In addition to anesthetic action, clove oil acts anti-inflammatory, thus alleviating the cause of pain. Cloves is known as spice, a supplement with boiled wine or cakes, and in India it is used for cooking dishes that are more difficult to digest and counter – toothache.

As soon as you feel the pain of the tooth or gum, put the crusted cloves to the painful place and gently bite them. Hold it for 15 minutes to half an hour. The pain will gradually decrease and then disappear completely. When toothache is stronger, use clove oil (can be obtained in herbal medicines) that acts like anesthetics. Also, you can also for shortly time chew the clove but with the healthy teeth, as direct contact between this spice and a painful tooth can cause even greater problems.
After putting the cloves in a painful place (on the right above or below the painful tooth, massage a little clove oil) – the pain will be alleviated in a record time, as when the dentist give you anesthesia..