Women Who Become Mothers At This Age Give Birth Of Intelligent Children!


This is one of the most asked question among women, what is the right age to give birth to healthy intelligent boy, the answer was given by the study of the London School of Economics which version about the “best period” is linked to the intellectual abilities of children.

The research covered the development of 18,000 children.

Analyzing it was determined that the golden age for motherhood are thirties. A study published in the journal “Biodemography and social biology” has shown that women in the fourth decade of becoming mothers give birth to more intelligent children, which was clearly indicated with the tests of cognitive ability. The study demonstrated that this relationship is especially true for those moms who give a birth for the first time in the thirties.

Why is this so?

“They are more educated, have higher incomes, they are more likely to be in stable relationships than those younger, have a healthier lifestyle, care about their health at the time and plan their pregnancy, explained dr Alis Goysis for” The Times “.